Meeting the Demands for Search Engine Optimization

seoWhat exactly is Search Engine Optimization,or as it is affectionately known as SEO? It can be best described as the process of affecting the visibility of a website, or web-page, in a search engine’s natural, or organic, (unpaid) search results. To simplify this technical garble, it simply means that the higher ranked on the search results page, and more often a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine´s users. SEO’s formulate how search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo operate. They analyze what people are searching for on these engines, what key words are being typed into the search engines, and most importantly, which engine is the preferred workhorse for their targeted audience. The ability to optimize a website might involve several things, such as editing content, coding relevant to specific keywords, and removing barriers to the indexing activities (webcrawlers, ants) of search engines. 11While there are numerous companies out there that promise you the world, and brazenly guarantee you top spot on search engines, there’s also the old adage that “consumer beware”. For the most part, however, most reputable marketing organizations that offer SEO digital marketing services have similar strategies for providing optimization, but for the purpose of this article, two companies will be the focus of attention. The first organization to be examined is a company by the name of Mediative is one of North America’s premier integrated digital marketing companies that provide performance marketing services and access to diverse media platforms. In 2011, they ranked #1 by TopSEO’s survey. The company helps marketers enhance their branding image, influence buyers and generate revenue through a complete suite of performance and advertising solutions. They provide a wide array of services such as SEO, social media strategy, user experience, pay per-click advertising, web analytics, performance media platform, lead management optimization, and mobile strategy to name a few. Mediative concentrates their effort on the growth of online sales and leads, instead of just increased traffic. untitledIn examining their website, the company appears to be knowledgeable and dynamic.  They assert that they’re fueled by data, research and experience. From a client’s perspective, Mediative offers solutions for a variety of entities, such as publishers, retailers, advertisers, ad agencies, and marketers. They report to have a great leadership team, who will professionally court their customers for producing results, and after reading the testimonials, there is  nothing to the contrary to suggest otherwise. When looking for a company to “optimize” your organizations performance services, Mediative is well worth looking at to help you. The next company to be reviewed is Mindshark Marketing. This company was named as the best SEO company in North America in 2012 by Top Reviews Today.  Mindshark operates in several countries and offers full service Internet marketing solutions for all size businesses. Specialized services are available for multi-national corporations and large brand organizations, including Media Buys, Brand Development, and Media Agency services. The company reports to be a leader in the digital marketing field because they have an innovative approach for bringing new services to the market before the competition. One example of this innovative style is Google’s Instant Optimization that combines a database of search histories, a probability engine and some AJAX programming. The search engine displays the most likely non-paid and PPC searches based on the characters that have been typed so far, and this can save billions of hours of searching. gooogle logo 1 Mindshark’s optimizing strategies consist of a number of intricate factors that are crucial for any SEO development. An example of their focus is in the area of social media expansion that might involve: •Identifying social networks that increase visibility and two-way performance •Initiating an interactive widget campaign •Managing you social media profile to attract visitors •Creating profiles on the top 10 social and bookmarking sites •Targeting with secondary sites as potential drivers The importance of implementing an SEO strategy, regardless whether it’s for an individual, or varying sized company, cannot be overstated. In today’s competitive online market, leveraging good marketing plans pays off, not only for the customer, but for the reputation of the company that helps to make it happen. While evaluating Mediative and Mindshark for this editorial, one important feature stands out for both companies’; they’re obviously in sync with what is happening in the digital marketing world. In researching these tech superstars, there appears to be a consistent upside of dealing with either company, and little, if any downside. Because of this, they have achieved notoriety for reaching the pinnacle of success and staying on top in the SEO industry.