Social Media Measurement Tools in Review

Social media measurement tools are designed to help businesses decipher data Social Media Measurement Tools in Reviewmaterial for determining what impact the company’s branding is having through social media. These tools provide an array of material for decoding what information, with whom, and when this information is being shared. Most importantly, they offer an insightful evaluation for defining what engagement is being achieved with the information being posted on the Internet. This relevant data is then analyzed to ascertain whether the company is on target toward its goal, whether improvements need to be made, or deletions should occur. Several companies provide these tools and services, but for the purpose of this review three companies have been chosen as relevant examples. Each of them has diversified product lines for efficiently achieving the client’s targets and goals.

 Social Media Measurement Tools in ReviewThe first review is for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The company has many applications to help a business optimize their online presence. Their service provides an assortment of social media strategies for company development and online branding; however, this evaluation concentrates on their engagement campaign with the Radian6 Engagement Console. This desktop application can help a company listen, engage and measure their outreach. It offers accessibility to the social web in real-time, while capturing hundreds of millions of posts each day, including Facebook, blogs, new sites, and discussion boards, where engagement frequently occurs. It appears to be very flexible where you can customize how it looks any way you want and make it very personal with Facebook and Twitter feeds. It has Salesforce Chatter, similar to TweetChat that helps to expand a company’s engagement capability with its followers and the ability to join the conversation. The company can form relationships and listen in directly to what is being said on the social web.

From the customer service side, Radian6’s Engagement Console has the ability to keep all of the departments connected, so that the company’s team has the power of coordinated responses to customers, as well as share information in each department. This feature enables the customer service team the ability to work together and ensure customer engagement is a positive one. The really nice feature of this console is that the company can take the social media monitoring data and implement changes to any pre-existing strategy. The research about this measurement tool appears to be very positive, and there doesn’t seem to be any obvious drawbacks to using this service.

Social Media Measurement Tools in ReviewThe next company for evaluation as a measurement tool is Sysomos. This organization has two different types of products for monitoring, measuring and in-depth research for customers looking for social media analytic services.  One of these services is called Heartbeat, which is designed for day-to-day monitoring, and the other is called MAP (media analysis platform). For this review, MAP is the focus of attention.

This application has unlimited access to billions of social media conversations. In addition, it also has features such as automated sentiment and geo-demographics.  This means that a company can get in-depth research, historical analysis and value-added reports, so that they can examine what impact their company’s branding is having through on-line social media. MAP analyzes age, gender, location and professional information including the sentiment of customers, regardless whether it’s positive, negative or neutral. It extracts and evaluates key insights, themes and trending topics on-line. MAP can also provide instantaneous access to all historical data, which includes billions of historical social media conversations dating back two years. All of this analysis is very important to a company because in today’s global market more companies use social media to generate solid sales leads. MAP can help a sales team become more focused and efficient. The what, who, where, when and why can be answered quickly and accurately with MAP. This measurement tool can keep a company on top of their social media game and give them the information they need for positive results. As with Radian6’s Engagement Console, MAP’s applications run effectively and produce the desired results for their clients.

Social Media Measurement Tools in ReviewThe last company for review in the field of management tools is YouTube Stats. Whether a company wants to sell a new product, raise brand awareness, or launch a new location, YouTube’s video tools can get the job done.  A campaign can come to life through visual marketing and this can drive a business forward. There is nothing quite like connecting with an audience, either emotionally or interactively, than through visual connectedness. This makes YouTube unique in marketing management tools. With over 800 million potential customers, a company can put their essential brand message in front of the audience with greater efficiency and less waste.

With a feature on YouTube’s homepage called Homepage Roadblock, a company can be the only advertiser for 24 full hours, which is equal to a top-rated TV show. It provides an engaging experience that a company can design to market their brand, get their name out and be noticed by 23 million viewers of the homepage. This visibility can get a company the recognition and results for increasing awareness in the marketplace, which in turn can result in increased sales, more followers and a bigger piece of the digital marketing pie. Along with intense brand exposure, Homepage Roadblock provides a high click-through rate, high interaction rate, increased video views, more searches for the brand on Google and more customers’ visits to the company’s website.  In this management tool application, the only down side is the repetitive cost of being on the homepage. However, once a company has built up their followers through their site, Facebook or Twitter, they can concentrate on other management tools for monitoring.

Overall, these social measurement tools are wide and varied, but they all have a common denominator, spread the word, grow the business brand and monitor its effectiveness through online marketing. These tools will allow companies to track what people are saying about them and their products in real-time. Importantly, these tools are intertwined with analyzing other social media forums such as Facebook and Twitter for powering and researching conversations online. With a good understanding of the areas of more relevance to a business, companies can develop and derive benefits linked to real business outcomes, such as:

  •  increased sales
  • employee engagement with customers
  • better customer service
  • effective response times

To conclude, social media measurement tools are an essential part of any business for better strategies in their promotional development online.